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Wood Watch Spare Part

Replacement of spare parts and services

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Design your own wood watch


“The wood watches are in perfect condition, well build, and have a beautifully wood case. Defiantly going to impress my friends compared to other watches I have seen. Yours are unique, simplicity at its core"
Leonard Joubert

Watch Photographer

“Ratu, thank you very much for this highly unusual and distinctive wristwatch. From the case to the band to the watch itself, I never saw anything like it, and will be happy to wear it to functions. It’s really nice that it’s so light in weight.”
Jim Kushner


“Kiki, makasih ya darling. Pak suami suka sekalee, “keren” he said dan memang pas banget di tangannya. Love it, love it, love it.”

Ibu Rumah Tangga


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